Water Planning

Water planning is based on the Water Framework Directive, the purpose of which is to prevent any further deterioration of surface waters and groundwater and the improve the condition of the waters and water dependent ecosystems. The target set out by the Water Framework Directive is to achieve a good water condition by 2015. The instruments to achieve the targets are called Programmes of Measures, aimed at eliminating water management problems either known or identified in monitoring.

The Programmes of Measures form part of Catchment Area Plans, compiled for periods of six years; the first planning period starts in 2010. Concrete measures are proposed and the achieved change in the water condition is assessed in relation to the basic planning unit, which is a defined body of water. The planning process is also co-ordinated at the international level; integrated catchment area plans are developed for international catchment areas, defining the environmental targets. The methods of achieving the targets are defined by the Member States affected.

River Basin Management Plans

Ministry of the Environment makes available to the public plans prepared for national parts of the Elbe River Basin, the Danube River Basin and the Oder River Basin. The attached maps are presented in a version with English legends. These plans, prepared by the Ministry of the Environment in accordance with the Czech Republic Government Resolution No. 567/2007, are the basic documents for the reporting according to Article 15 of WFD. International River Basin Management Plans and plans prepared at sub-basin level will be attached as background documents.

International part of the Elbe River Basin Management Plan is also available in German version from the address: http://www.ikse-mkol.org/

International part of the Danube River Basin Management Plan is also available in English version from the address: http://www.icpdr.org/participate/International part of the Oder River Basin Management Plan is also available in German version from the address: www.mkoo.eu