United Nations Educational, Scientific and Culture Organisation (UNESCO)

UNESCO was founded in 1945 in London. Its main mission in relation to the environment is concentrating on education, monitoring and a research of components of the environment in biospheric reservations, collecting and dissemination of information about environment, preservation of biodiversity and water, also sustainable development of travel movement. Nowadays, the UNESCO has 192 member states and 7 accessing member states. Czech Republic became a member state in 1993. UNESCO´s governing bodies are the General Conference and the Executive Board. The UNESCO Secretariat is responsible for the running of the organization.

The Czech Republic became member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Culture Organisation (UNESCO) in 1993 and is actively involved in the UNESCO activities mainly through the UNESCO programmes:

International Hydrological Programme (IHP)

Specialists from the Czech Republic are co-operating on many IHP projects. The Czech National Committee for hydrology participates in the national and international parts of the IHP.

Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB)

The Czech National Committee for MAB Programme represents the membership in the UNESCO intergovernmental programme. The Czech National Committee co-operates with the Czech Commission for UNESCO, the International Co-ordinating Board for MAB UNESCO and also with the Secretariat of MAB through the Department of Ecological Sciences of UNESCO in Paris. The Czech National Committee co-ordinates its activities with other governmental and non-governmental organisations engaged in the environmental agenda. The main body responsible for the implementation of MAB Programme in the Czech Republic is the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

International Oceanographic Commission (IOC)

The Czech Republic became member of the IOC on 20 June 2005. All member states have the commitments to respect the Status and Rules of Procedure of IOC and also to participate in IOC activities and to nominate a national co-ordinating body responsible for communication with the IOC. In this context, the Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic established the Czech National Committee for IOC UNESCO (CNC), which is his advisory body. The Committee consists of 13 members with different backgrounds. It includes representatives of the academic sphere, scientific and governmental institutions as well as a representative of the media and an independent expert. Prof. Bohumír Janský, the sub dean of the Faculty of Science of the Charles University in Prague, is the Chairman of the CNC. The CNC operates at the nationaland international levels and focuses chiefly on the arrangement of seminars and lectures focused on oceanography and marine biology. CNC promotes education in the fields of oceanography and marine biology, pursuance of international conferences in the Czech Republic, participation of Czech students, inceptors and members of the CNC in international conferences. Czech oceanography experts also participate in many scientific projects around the world – regionally, the interests are devoted e.g. to the Arctic (Spitsbergen), Antarctic (James Ross Island), Europe (Baltic and Mediterranean Seas) and tropical coral reefs (Caribbean and Red Seas, Southeast Asia/Vietnam), they co-operate with the Institute of Oceanology of the Vietnamese Academy of Sciences; most of them are members of scientific organisations, e.g. American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO); International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology (SIL); Freshwater Biological Association (FBA); International Association of Hydrological Science (IAHS), etc.

Contact point for UNESCO in the Czech Republic

Ministry of the Environment
Department of Multilateral Relations
Vršovická 65
Praha 10
100 00

Contact person:

Mr. Přemysl Štěpánek
Department of Multilateral Relations
Tel.: +420 267 122 309
e-mail: premysl.stepanek@mzp.cz

Czech contact point for UNESCO abroad

Permanent Delegation of the Czech Republic to UNESCO
1, rue Miollis
750 15 Paris Tel.: (+33)-1-4568 3535
Fax: (+33)-1-4273 2180
e-mail: unesco.paris@embassy.mzv.cz