Sustainable Energy Sector

Sustainable power industry is such a system of energy generation and use that allows long-term secure satisfaction of present and future energy needs without significant negative environmental, economic and social impacts.

A sustainable power industry is based on the following principles:

- Energy savings – such technologies and processes are sought and used that ensure a reduction in the amounts of energy consumed to the minimum. Current high energy consumption in the advanced countries is unsustainable in the long term.
- Energy efficiency – comprises maximum utilisation of energy obtained from primary energy sources in all stages of the energy cycle.
- Renewable energy sources – non-renewable fossil and nuclear fuels are gradually replaced with clean, locally available renewable sources: energy of biomass, water, wind, the sun and the Earth.
- Decentralisation – brings energy generation closer to the point of consumption, thus reducing the losses through energy transfers and fuel transportation, allows more efficient coverage of consumers’ energy needs, and makes the power industry safer.
- Minimum environmental impact – any type of energy generation has negative environmental impacts, but processes resulting in destabilisation of the planet’s climate, irreversible transformation of vast areas, and waste that the humanity cannot handle are being abandoned.