Subsidy Schemes in Nature Protection

This section contains a synoptic summary of the sources of funding for nature and landscape protection, i.e., schemes that applicants can draw funds from if meeting certain criteria, or apply for specific projects. The section is divided into European Programmes – providing information on programmes funded from the EU Funds – and National Programmes, paid by the MoE budget.

An overview of the European and national programmes in nature and landscape protection is also contained in the brochure Funds for Natural and Landscape Protection, available in the Information Materials section alongside other titles.

The possibilities for drawing funds for nature and landscape protection have been extended substantially after the EU accession. The Ministry of the Environment now administers and implements the Operating Programme Environment. Its priority axis 6 – Improving the State of Nature and the Landscape, has the following defined goals: implementation of the Nature 2000 network, renewal and protection and natural and quasi-natural biotopes and threatened plant and animal species, restoration of ecological stability of landscape, optimisation of the hydrological regimes, regeneration of urbanised landscape, prevention of landslides and rock collapses. Project applications can be filed via the Ministry of the Environment and the LIFE+ Programme.

Projects focused on nature and landscape protection can also be applied for using the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms, the Swiss Financial Assistance will be available in future.

The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for drawing funds under the Second Pillar of the Common Agricultural Policy, focused, among other things, on environmental protection and rural development: it administers the Rural Development Programme for 2007-2013. Measures aimed at nature and landscape protection are included chiefly in axis 2 of the Programme, particularly these are agro-environmental measures, payments within Natura 2000 on farmland and forest, and environmental forestry payments.

Within the EU Fisheries Policy, the European Fisheries Fund supports the Operating Programme for Fisheries 2007-2013, also under the Ministry of Agriculture. Measures aimed at the protection of aquatic environments include environmentally friendly pond management, focused primarily on areas of high natural value.