State Environmental Policy

The State Environmental Policy of the Czech Republic 2012 - 2020 sets a framework for an effective protection of environment in the Czech Republic until 2020.

The main objective of the Policy is to ensure a healthy and high-quality environment for citizens living in the Czech Republic, to significantly contribute to a more effective use of resources and minimize negative impacts of human activities on environment, including cross-border impacts, and thus contribute to the improvement of quality of life in Europe and globally.

The Policy focuses on the following areas:
  • Protection and sustainable use of resources,
  • Climate protection and improvement of ambient air quality,
  • Protection of nature and landscape,
  • Safe environment.

As the EU Member State, the Czech Republic will aim to fulfil its commitments set in the EU environmental legislation, and will remain an active and reliable partner in formulating new legislative, non-legislative and strategic EU documents at all levels within the European structures.

The Czech Republic will actively develop bilateral and multilateral environmental cooperation in order to support solutions of various national, regional and global environmental issues as well as promotion of Czech expertise and environmental technologies.