Specially Protected Areas

Territorial protection, implemented by means of specially protected areas, is one of the most important instruments in nature and landscape protection. They are proclaimed under Act no. 114/1992 Coll. on Nature and Landscape Protection on sites of scientific or aesthetic importance or uniqueness. Such sites are typically places of unique or representative biological diversity at the species, population or society levels as well as sites of unique geological composition, sites representing typical elements of the landscape character of cultivated landscape, and sites significant with respect to scientific research.

The purpose of the protection is typically to conserve or improve the preserved state of the site, or leave it or its part(s) to spontaneous development. The Act on Nature and Landscape Protection defines six categories of specially protected areas: national parks (NP), protected landscape areas (CHKO), national nature reserves (NPR), nature reserves (PR), national natural monuments (NPP), and natural monuments (PP).