The organizational structure of the Ministry of the Environment

The organizational structure of the Ministry of the Environment consists of the Minister, Deputy Ministers, directorates, departments and units. Click on the name of the relevant senior employee to obtain his/her e-mail.
The organizational structure (PDF, 19 kB)

Deputy Minister – Zikmundová Simeona
Deputy Minister - Tesař Tomáš

010 Department of Internal Audit and Financial Control, Director - Sassmann Vladimír
011 Unit of Internal Audit
012 Unit of Financial Control

020 Department of Security and Crisis Management, Director – Bednář Jiří
021 Unit of Security
022 Unit of Crisis Management

030 Independent Unit of the Minister's Cabinet

040 Department of the Minister's Office, Director - Holík Jiří
041 The Secretariat Unit
042 Unit of Governmental and Parliamentary Agendas

050 Independent unit of Press and PR

200 Section of the State Secretary, State secretary – Landa Jan

210 Department of Informatics, Director - Vodičková Jana
211 Unit of Informatics
212 Unit of Development

220 Department of Budget, Director - Bečvář Josef
221 Unit of Budget of Chapter
222 Unit of Budget of Ministry
223 Unit of Accounting
224 Unit of Programme Financing

230 Department of Maintenance and Property Administration, Director - Setzerová Martina
231 Unit of Economic Administration
232 Unit of Property Administration

240 Independent unit of Public Procurement, Head – Čermáková Karolína

260 Department of Human Resources and State Service, Director - Chovanec Karel
261 Unit of Human Resources
262 Unit of Education and Employee Care

300 Section of Environmental Economics, Deputy Minister for Section – Kříž Jan

310 Department of Support for a Low-Carbon Economy Transition, Director - Leistner Kratochvílová Radana
311 Unit of Just Transition
312 Unit of Support for Energy Systems Modernisation

320 Department of Financial and Voluntary Instruments, Director - Kažmierski Tomáš
321 Unit of Financial Instruments
322 Unit of Voluntary Instruments, Research and Development
323 Unit of International Programmes and Projects

330 Department of European Union Funds, Director – Michna Jaroslav
331 Unit of methodical and Information Systems of EU Funds
332 Unit of Financing and Technical Assistance of EU Funds
333 Unit of Controls and Audits of EU Funds
334 Unit of Legal Support of EU Funds
335 Unit of implementation of projects of EU Funds
336 Unit of Monitoring and Evaluation of EU Funds

360 Independent unit of the New Green Savings Programme, Head – Nejedlý Pavel

370 Department of Environmental Economics, Director - Hloušková Radka
371 Unit of Economic analysis
372 Unit of Projects and Controlling

400 Section of State Administration, Deputy Minister for Section – Mana Vladimír

410 Legislative Department, Director - Dvořák Libor
411 Unit of Horizontal and Ecosystem Legislation
412 Unit of Technical Legislation

430 Legal and Government Administration Department , Director - Nováková Jiřina
431 Secretariat of Appeals Commision
432 Unit of Government Administration

500 Regional Department of State Administration I, Praha, Director - Kuklík Miloslav
501 Unit 1
502 Unit 2

510 Regional Department of State Administration II, České Budějovice, Director - Dvořáková Hana
511 Unit 1
512 Unit 2

520 Regional Department of State Administration III, Plzeň, Director - Bošina Hubert
521 Unit 1
522 Unit 2

530 Regional Department of State Administration IV, Chomutov, Director - Vacek Jaroslav
531 Unit 1
532 Unit 2

540 Regional Department of State Administration V, Liberec, Director - Kubíček Milan
541 Unit 1
542 Unit 2

550 Regional Department of State Administration VI, Hradec Králové, Director -
Hejduk Libor
551 Unit 1
552 Unit 2

560 Regional Department of State Administration VII, Brno, Director – Pospíšil Jaroslav
561 Unit 1
562 Unit 2

570 Regional Department of State Administration VIII, Olomouc, Director - Pallós Radek
571 Unit 1
572 Unit 2

580 Regional Department of State Administration IX, Ostrava, Director - Střelec Tomislav
581 Unit 1
582 Unit 2

600 Section of Nature and Landscape Protection, Deputy Minister for Section - Dolejský Vladimír

610 Department of Landscape Adaptation to Climate Change, Director - Stuchlíková Linda
611 Unit of Landscape and Forest Protection
612 Unit of Flood and Drought Protection
613 Unit of programmes on the landscape restoration and management

620 Department of Special Territorial Nature and Landscape Protection, Director - Stloukal Petr
621 Unit of Small Protected Areas
622 Unit of Protected Landscape Areas
623 Unit of National Parks

630 Department of Species Protection and Implementation of International Commitments, Director - Šíma Jan
631 Unit of International Conventions
632 Unit of Species Protection
633 Unit of NATURA 2000

640 Department of Water Protection, Director - Záruba Lukáš
641 Unit of Water Protection
642 Unit of Internaternational Cooperation and Planning in the Water Area

660 Department of Rock and Soil Environment Protection, Director - Holý Martin
661 Unit of Geofaktors and geological works
662 Unit of Mineral Resources
663 Unit of Soil Protection

700 Section of the Environmental Protection

710 Department of EIA and Integrated Prevention, Director - Doležal Evžen
711 Unit of SEA
712 Unit of International EIA
713 Unit of Methodology and Project EIA
714 Unit of IPPC and the Integrated Pollution Register

720 Department of Waste, Director - Maršák Jan
721 Unit of Transboundary Shipment of Waste and International Co-operation
722 Unit of Conceptions and Technologies
723 Unit of Take-back Policies

750 Department of Environmental Hazards and Environmental Damages, Director - Bláha Karel
751 Unit of Risk Prevention and Chemical Safety
752 Unit of Reconstruction Operations
753 Unit of Genetically Modified Organisms

800 Section of the Climate Change Protection

810 Department of Energy and Climate Protection, Director - Zámyslický Pavel
811 Unit of Emission Trading
812 Unit of Energy and Climate Protection

820 Department of Air Protection, Director - Dědič Kurt
821 Unit of Air Quality
822 Unit of Combustion Sources and Fuels
833 Unit of Technical Sources

830 Department of International Relations, Director - Pastvinský Michal
831 Unit of the EU
832 Unit of Foreign Protocol
833 Unit of Bilateral Co-operation
834 Unit of Multilateral Relations
835 Unit of Infringement

840 Department of Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development, Director – Pasková Anna
841 Unit of Environmental Policy and Strategies
842 Unit of Sustainable Development