Webinar Light Pollution 2021

Webinar Light Pollution 2021

The second international webinar on light pollution took place on May 14, 2021. Webinar Light Pollution 2021 was organized by the Ministry of the Environment as a partner event of EU Green Week 2021.

The webinar aimed to draw attention to the issue of light pollution, to present the effects of light pollution and possible measures that can be taken. Furthermore, to present interesting projects that have dealt with or are dealing with light pollution.

Michal Bareš, a lifetime amateur astronomer, member of the Czech Astronomical Society and IDA, presented the issue of light pollution at the beginning of the seminar and focuses on field measurements and mapping of the astronomical light pollution. Michal is one of the core contributors to projects Svetelneznecisteni.cz and Skyquality.cz, co-author of sky quality reports for several protected areas in Czechia, and author of the Guide to responsible lighting for municipalities. He has been an active dark-sky advocate for more than 15 years and regularly participates in public and non-public educational and outreach events promoting astronomy, protection of the night environment, and responsible lighting practices. Michal usually enjoys the beauties of the night sky in "Manetinska oblast tmave nebe", the largest dark sky area in Czechia he helped to establish in 2014.

Then Anna Pasková, M.A. is Director of Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development Department at the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic presented the development of light pollution solutions in the Czech Republic. Mrs. Paskova worked in the field of environmental policy, sustainability for more than 12 years. Currently, she is responsible for Agenda 2030, the State Environmental Policy, and the National Adaptation Plan implementation. Anna is also involved in the agenda of light pollution, as Coordinator of the inter-ministerial working group on light pollution.

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The second presenter was Ana Castańeda Pérez, Diploma in Tourism (TEAT) from the School of Tourism of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Responsible for tourism promotion of the Island Council of La Palma since 1987, where she has been the manager of the Tourism Board until May 2010, being since then Head of the General Affairs Section of the Tourism Service, in charge of the creation of tourism product, coordinating the sector tables of Astrotourism, Gastronomy and Culture, and Active Tourism and Nature. He has been the manager of the Tourist Competitiveness Plan "Canarias una experience volcanica II", basic in the creation of astrotourism structures: viewpoints and astronomical trails, thematization of activities and companies, and creation of the Entrepreneurs Group. Island manager of the Interreg Europe "Night Light" project focused on light pollution and the development of astrotourism, she is also manager of the multi-event Astrofest La Palma. Ms. Peréz presented the Interreg Europe Project Night Light, in which the Island Government of La Palma was involved. This is a good example of how to improve regional policies to reduce light pollution and protect and valorize dark night. And How protecting the sky from light pollution can help the economic development of a rural area through the activity of astronomical and scientific tourism.

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The third project presented was Emissions projects by The Silesian Grammar School students, presented by student Anna Beck and Deputy Mayor of the City of Opava Michal Jedlička. Since 2018, A group of students from the Silesian Grammar School has been working to research and address the issue of light pollution. Anna Beck is a third-year student at the Silesian Grammar School. She has lead Project Emise since 2019. During this time, she has participated in light pollution research, presented for regional and national government officials, and coordinated an academic exchange of Czech and British students. Michal Jedlička is the deputy mayor of the city of Opava. He is responsible for the environment department, civil planning, transportation, the Opava Technical services, and for the city´s company. Michal is also the operator of public lighting and greenery in the city. He graduated from the Technical University in Ostrava at the Department of environmental engineering at the faculty of mining and geology. Michal plays a key part in the popularization of green roofs in the city and water management in the countryside.

VIDEO Emissions projects

Next speaker was Petr Baxant, who presented a joint project of scientist and the municipality Brno. Petr Baxant is an Associate Professor at the Brno University of Technology. Furthermore, a scientist engaged in lighting research, light measurement, and luminance analysis. He is interested in nature protection, and the impacts of human activities on the environment. Closely related to this is his permaculture garden and interest in new inventions and innovations friendly to the planet Earth.

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The last performing was Simona Tondelli, who presented the new EU research project Horizon 2020 ENLIGHTme - Innovative policies for improving citizens' health and wellbeing addressing indoor and outdoor lighting the effect urban lighting. Simona Tondelli is a full professor of Urban and Regional Planning in the Department of Architecture (DA), University of Bologna (UNIBO). She is the Director of Organizational Unit (UOS) Bologna of the DA and vice director of the UNIBO Interdepartmental Center for Applied Research on Buildings and Construction (CIRI-EC). She has 23 years of research experience in sustainable urban planning and urban and rural regeneration and is currently the project coordinator of four EU projects (H2020 ENLIGHTENme, H2020 Ruritage, INTERREG EUROPE Match-up, INTERREG ADRION Adriseismic). In addition, she is a scientific head of the UNIBO research teams in many other international projects.


At the end of the program, there was a discussion according to questions from the audience.

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