EU Environmental Ministers discussed the German presidency priorities

EU Environmental Ministers discussed the German presidency priorities

The EU Member States’ Environmental Ministers held an informal video conference on the 13th and the 14th July, organized by the incoming Germany's presidency of the Council of the EU. The discussion centred on three topics – the EU recovery plans after the Covid-19 pandemic, digitalization and the environment, and the EU climate change-related policies. The Czech Republic was represented in these video conferences by the Deputy Minister for the Environment Mr Vladislav Smrž.

When discussing the EU recovery plan after Covid-19 pandemic, the debate focused on the issue of ensuring that the economic recovery remains compatible with objectives defined in the European Green Deal. The Czech Republic emphasized in the debate that measures designed to bring about the EU economic recovery must be tailored to the needs of individual Member States and sectors. For these reasons the recovery plan must respect national priorities and the principle of technological neutrality. The video conference resulted in adoption of the ministerial declaration on the topic of EU recovery plan after the Covid-19 pandemic [1].

The second day of the Ministers’ debate concentrated on the topic of increasing the EU’s 2030 reduction targets where the German presidency will seek an agreement among the Member States. Some of the Member States proposed increasing the 2030 EU reduction target to at least 55 %. The Czech Republic however emphasized that the European Commission will be issuing its evaluation of the EU’s increased reduction target’s impact on the economy and individual sectors only in September this year. The Czech Republic also drew attention to the fact that any discussions on increasing the EU 2030 reduction targets needs to reflect the current situation connected to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting economic slump in the EU. The last topic on the programme was the topic of digitalization and the environment, which is one of the German presidency’s priorities.


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