Minister Brabec had a traditional meeting with the diplomatic corps

Minister Brabec had a traditional meeting with the diplomatic corps

On 21 February 2019, in the newly renovated building of the National Museum in Prague, the Environment Minister Richard Brabec presented to the ambassadors accredited in the Czech Republic the achievements and priorities of the Ministry for the coming year. In the Pantheon hall, the Diplomatic Corps could hear what the Ministry had been recently engaged in and what major events were planned for the year.

The most attention is paid to waste management and drought where MoE is taking a number of steps to retain water in the landscape and it co-finances many successful projects. Activities in the field of air protection and the involvement of MoE in international activities were also presented.

"The Czech Republic continues do develop circular economy and the transition to modern waste management, those areas remain among our highest priorities. In the first half of 2019, therefore, we will present our proposals for waste laws that will lead to a complete ban on landfilling in full compliance with European legislation. That goal is a challenge for us as well as an opportunity for approximately 40,000 new jobs that could be created due to circular economy. In addition, we appreciate very much the voluntary agreements with companies producing disposable plastic waste. In our national initiative "Enough of plastic!", we associate municipalities, private sector businesses and the public in efforts to gradually reduce the production of single-use plastic," Environment Minister Richard Brabec emphasised, among other things, in his speech to the ambassadors.

As every year, MoE made a more detailed presentation of one of its organizations. This year, it was the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic. Its director, František Pelc, presented a number of significant achievements of the organisation over the past years and the practical outcomes of its activities.

Speech of the Minister (PDF, 109 kB)

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