On His Visit to Peru Deputy Minister Vladimír F. Mana Discussed the Issues of Disaster Prevention, Water and Waste Management

On His Visit to Peru Deputy Minister Vladimír F. Mana Discussed the Issues of Disaster Prevention, Water and Waste Management

This week the Deputy Minister of the Environment, Vladimír F. Mana shared Czech experience in water management and disaster prevention as well as waste management with the Peruvian Deputy Minister of the Environment, Fernando Leon Morales. The two officials also discussed the possibility of using the experience and know-how of Czech experts, especially in connection with the liquidation of the consequences of the large-scale and devastating floods that hit Peru at the end of this January.

This week’s visit of the Deputy Minister of the Environment, Vladimír F. Mana to Peru aims at building on previous contacts between the two countries and increasing the two-way cooperation in environmental protection. The delegation to Peru consists not only of the representatives from the Ministry of the Environment but also of a business mission headed by the Mixed Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic – Pacific Alliance, because the next goal is to strengthen the economic cooperation between the two countries. This relates in particular to water treatment and disaster prevention as the Czech Republic has vast experience in these areas as well as experts who can offer their services to Peru. In addition, many of them have already worked or are still working in the country.

"Czech experts are bringing not only their immense experience, but also proposals for specific solutions that Peru could take advantage of. This type of cooperation is important for both countries, and I am glad that the MOE can play a key role in it, " explained Deputy Vladimír F. Mana.

Disaster prevention and water management issues currently rank among priority topics in Peru. This is mainly due to the fact that from the end of January 2017 Peru had to face up to floods and landslides, which have so far claimed over 100 victims and affected more than a million people according to the estimates of local authorities. The disaster most severely hit the areas on the northern coast of the country, specifically the regions of Piura, Tumbes and Lambayeque, but it also played havoc in the Peruvian capital of Lima. This unprecedented rainfall in Peru is attributed to the El Nino climate phenomenon, which increases the temperature of the Pacific Ocean and brings a large volume of rainfall.

At present Peru is finishing the overall identification of the damage and focusing on a systematic approach for solving the issues related to floods and similar situations – The Plan of Reconstruction. Addressing these problems comes under the competence of not only the state institutions in Lima, but in particular, of the regional governments and municipal administrations. Therefore, negotiations at this level are also of the utmost importance.

The first two days of the Czech visit saw a series of meetings with representatives of state institutions in Lima. The key meeting for the MOE was held with the Deputy Minister of the Environment, Mr. Fernando Leon Morales. He and Deputy Mana discussed specific activities of the cooperation between the two countries in the framework of the Cooperation Memorandum. Mr. Mana also reiterated the offer of the Czech Ministry of the Environment concerning sharing expert experience and the Peruvian colleagues were invited to the Czech Republic. Another possibility of implementing future activities is seen by Peru in the cooperation within the Green Climate Fund. Today, Deputy Mana and the Czech delegation are going to visit the flood-stricken region of Trujillo, which is currently engaged in the rectification of the consequences of flood damage.

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