Multilateral Environmental Agreements

The Czech Republic is not only an active member of numerous international organisations with an environmental component (see International Organisations), but also a party to a number of important multilateral environmental agreements. The agreements, which are very often negotiated under international organisations, are concrete manifestations of countries’ responsibility for the state and development of the environment at the global, regional and sub-regional levels.

The Czech Republic is involved in multilateral environmental agreements in order to contribute to the resolution of current environmental issues of sustainable development in compliance with the Millennium Development Goals, the Implementation Plan of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, and the relevant EU and OECD papers.

This section of the website provides basic information on the multilateral environmental agreements to which the Czech Republic is a party and of which the Ministry of the Environment is in charge.

The Multilateral Environmental Agreements can be divided according to their focus. The Czech Republic is active in the MEAs with the focus on the following fields:

The Czech Republic is a party of several regional multilateral agreements (PDF, 240 kB), focused on the protection of rivers and air protection.