Kazakhstan Is Interested in Czech Experience in the Areas of IPPC, Waste Management, and Air Protection

Fotografie - delegace Kazachstánu

The Kazakhstan delegation consisted of experts from the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Health, and business sector visited the Czech Republic 4 – 8 September 2017. The goal of the visit was to acquire experience in the fields of integrated prevention and pollution control (IPPC), waste management, and air protection. The Ministry of the Environment experts provided a complex overview of the related legislation and described the practical procedure for issuing of integrated environmental permits for industrial and agricultural facilities. Also, the Czech Environmental Inspectorate explained its role in the process. As there are big differences in the field of procedures between the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan, the description of the Czech practical procedure brought a lot of attention and questions. Furthermore, the working group that visited the Czech Republic is preparing a modification of the system and the information obtained has become a valuable source of inspiration. Last but not least, the delegation also attended the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Prague City Hall and some private companies.