International Organisations

The first Conference on the Human Environment, summoned by the United Nations in Stockholm in 1972, was the impetus for the emergence of various bodies and institutions at the international level dealing with environmental protection. Environmental problems, the mitigation of which requires a comprehensive approach across national and continental borders, were also progressively adopted seriously by the majority of existing international institutions: the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and others.

Despite the fact that the then Czechoslovakia was the founding member of many of the international organisations, major involvement of Czechoslovakia, and the Czech Republic as its successor state, in their activities was only made possible by the political changes of the 1990s. The accession to the European Union, which plays a leading role in international environmental negotiations, gave the country the opportunity to become more intensely involved in the international debate on environmental protection and sustainable development as well as in international co-operation mechanisms.

This section of the website provides the basic information on the major organisations dealing with environmental issues in which the Czech Republic is actively involved.