International Development Cooperation

Being a member of the European Union and the international community of democratically and economically advanced countries, the Czech Republic recognizes the principle of solidarity among people and countries, and accepts its share of responsibility in resolving global problems. International development cooperation, an integral part of the foreign policy of the Czech Republic, is one of the manifestations of this attitude.

The Czech Republic has been implementing development cooperation in the form of specific development projects since 1996. In compliance with the efforts of the international community, the main framework objective of the Czech development cooperation is to contribute to poverty alleviation in the less advanced/developed countries of the world in accordance with the concept of sustainable development.

Between the years 1997 – 2010, over 90 environmental development projects in more than 30 countries were carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment. In 2010, a long prepared systematization of the Czech development cooperation managing structure was completed and the strategic supervision was transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). In the current system, MFA plays a key role in strategy preparation, planning and subsequent evaluation of the projects. The responsibility for implementation of the development cooperation projects lies on the Czech Development Agency (CzDA), established in 2008. CzDA cooperates with the MFA on the establishment of an institutional framework of the Czech development cooperation and actively participates in the creation and management of development cooperation programs.

The Ministry of the Environment continues to play an important part in the current Czech development coordination hierarchy. Membership in the intergovernmental International Development Cooperation Council enables it to share the expertise and experiences with development projects implementation it gathered before the transformation of the managing structure.

The key priorities and principles of the Czech Development Cooperation, as introduced in the Development Cooperation Strategy of the Czech Republic for 2010-2017, refer to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).