The Ministry of the Environment is a central state administration authority for geology and its jurisdiction includes activities in the following areas: geological work, operation of national geological survey, protection of the rock environment, including protection of mineral resources, and environmental supervision over extraction. These activities are guaranteed by the Rock and Soil Environment Protection Department of the Ministry of the Environment. The Ministry’s state administration in the area of geology is governed chiefly by the Act on Geological Work and, to a lesser extent, by the Mining Act and other generally binding legal regulations. The Ministry prepares and develops bills of law in the areas of rock environment protection, geology and mining, and co-operates with the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the preparation and development of the concept of the mining code and the National Raw Materials Policy.

The Ministry organises and provides the methodology for the operation of the national geological survey, operated by the Czech Geological Survey (an allowance organisation).

The environmental protection work includes assessment of risk factors (e.g., proneness to landslides and rock collapses), harmonisation of land-use plans with knowledge of the geological composition, and assessment of impacts of extraction activities on the landscape and the environment. Permitting of extraction (mining for mineral resources) belongs to the jurisdiction of the National Mining Authority. Where necessary, the Ministry secures or liquidates old mines the existence of which poses a threat to a general legally defined interest. Geological work implements the various governmental tasks. It deals with environmental geology (regional geochemistry, anthropogenic contamination, hydrogeology, and engineering geology), identification and protection of mineral resources, establishment and operation of a databank of geological information, and cleaning-up of the consequences of geological work; synthetic geological work is also commissioned. Certain geological projects within the international development assistance are also focused on geology.