General Nature and Landscape Protection

General nature and landscape protection comprises the protection of landscape, species diversity, nature values and aesthetic qualities of nature, as well as the protection and considerate use of natural resources. It concerns the broadest interest, the largest part of the national territory, and the broadest circle of stakeholders. It is assured by Act no. 114/1992 Coll. on nature and landscape protection, as amended, which recognises three levels of general nature and landscape protection: general territorial protection, general species protection, and general protection of the inanimate nature and landscape components.

General territorial protection, i.e., landscape protection, provides the entire territory of the Czech Republic with legitimate protection. It employs several instruments to that end: territorial systems of ecological stability, important landscape elements, landscape character, nature parks, and temporarily protected areas.

General species protection protects all plant and animal species from destruction, damage and other activities that might result in threats to the existence of species. The other, no less important instruments in general species protection are the protection of wild birds and the protection of trees growing outside forest.

General protection of the inanimate nature and landscape components protects caves, natural surface phenomena related to caves (such as karst sinks, grykes, swallow holes, karst seeps) and palaeontological finds.