The European Landscape Convention

The European Landscape Convention was initiated by the Congress of Regional and Local Authorities of the Council of Europe. The Convention is aims at the protection, management and planning of all landscape and raising awareness of the value of a living landscape.

The European Landscape Convention was adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 19 July 2000 in Strasbourg and opened for signature of the Member States of the Organisation in Florence (Italy) on 20 October 2000. It aims to promote European landscape protection, management and planning and to organise European co-operation. The Convention came into force in 1 March 2004. For the Czech Republic the Convention entered into force on 1 October 2004. By its ratification the Czech Republic committed itself to recognise the value of landscape in terms of the environment which surrounds all human beings and which shall be preserved and protected. It also committed to introduce and execute landscape policies aimed at landscape protection, management and planning, introduce steps to enable the public to be involved in decisions related to landscape protection and consider landscape in urban and land use planning as well as cultural, agricultural and social policies.

The Convention is the first international treaty to be exclusively devoted to all aspects of European landscape. It applies to the entire territory of the Parties and covers natural, rural, urban and peri-urban areas. It concerns landscapes that might be considered outstanding as well as everyday or degraded landscapes.