EU Funds and Schemes

Financial mechanisms of EEC and Norway – By joining the EU in 2004, the Czech Republic gained access to the funds of the European Economic Community (EEC) Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Phare/Transition Facility
Phare Programme – The purpose is to strengthen public administration and public institutions so that they can function effectively inside the EU, support the harmonisation of national legislation with the extensive EU legislation (acquis communautaire), and promote economic and social cohesion.
Transition Facility Programme – Continuation of the support provided under Phare to new Member States in areas where the administrative and institutional capacity is insufficient compared to existing Member States.

Ministry of the Environment Revolving Fund – This fund provides financial assistance in the form of loans or grants (i.e., non-refundable support).

LIFE/LIFE+ - Community programme LIFE+ is a financial instrument narrowly focused on the environment. The programme is divided into three pillars: LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity, LIFE+ Environmental Policy and Governance, and LIFE+ Information and Communication.

Goal 3 European Territorial Co-operation 2007-2013 (and Interreg III) – Five bilateral operational programmes “Transboundary Co-operation” will be implemented within Goal 3 European Territorial Co-operation in the programming period 2007-2013: the Czech-Saxon, Czech-Bavarian, Czech-Austrian, Czech-Slovak, and Czech-Polish.

Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme – Intended to contribute to reducing the economic and social differences between the Czech Republic and the advanced countries of the extended European Union as well as to reducing the economic and social differences between the dynamic urban centres and structurally weak marginal regions of the Czech Republic.

Operational Programme Infrastructure (programming period 2004-2006)
The objective of the OP Infrastructure is to improve parameters of transportation infrastructure of national and supraregional importance and assure the harmonisation with EU standards and other relevant parameters, improve the living conditions in the Czech Republic by reducing the negative environmental impacts of transport, and improve the quality of environmental components. Project funding under OP Infrastructure will be terminated on 31 December 2008. A total of 383 project applications were approved amounting the EUR 384,898,224 of total approvable costs. Current information on the OP Infrastructure is available at

Operational Programme Environment (programming period 2007-2013)
OP Environment contributes to the improvement in air, water and soil quality, deals with waste and industrial pollution issues, supports landscape management and use of renewable energy sources and building of infrastructure for environmental education. It establishes a framework for the preparation of projects that can be co-financed by the EU Regional Development Fund (EUR 702,482,212 allocated) and Cohesion Fund (EUR 4,215,384,886 allocated). All current information about the Operational Programme, calls for proposals and funding conditions is available at

Cohesion Fund
The Cohesion Fund funds large-scale investment projects in the environmental and transportation sectors (Trans-European Networks) in EU Member States whose GDP (GNP) per capita is below 90% of the EU average and which are implementing an economic convergence programme. The Cohesion Fund contributes to the strengthening of the economic and social cohesion of the EU. The proportion of EU assistance provided by the Fund makes up to 85% of the public or equivalent expenditures.