Environmental Education and Consulting

Environmental education and awareness raising and environmental consulting are important preventive instruments within the State Environmental Policy of the Czech Republic. The purpose of environmental education is to encourage the population to act and think in line with the sustainable development principles, to be aware of their responsibility for the maintenance of the environmental quality and to respect life in all its forms.

Above all, environmental education is an indispensable tool within the lifelong learning process. Its benefits consist in the gaining of knowledge, including the latest research results and scientific findings, new legislative regulations, outreach methods and application of knowledge and experience in the professional or private spheres. The principal task of education is systemic work with the young generation (including pre-school children) in order for them to adopt the values and patterns of conduct required for environmental protection and management. The tasks of awareness raising are largely informative and focus on the adult population and the public in general.

Environmental consulting provides the public with qualified expert advice and recommendations, popularises research results and scientific findings for the benefit of the environment, brings environmentally friendly living standards closer to the needs of the public, and influences the public in the sense of sustainable societal development.

The Ministry of the Environment is the principal guarantor for the co-ordination of environmental education and awareness raising and the department in charge of the promotion of environmental consulting in the Czech Republic. The functioning of environmental education is the result of many years of joint efforts of state institutions, professionals, organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The promotion of the environmental education and consulting system is implemented largely in the form of necessary legislation and differentiated funding, development of methodologies and topics, information dissemination and awareness raising among the public, communication with the public and functioning networks of training centres.