Electronic Mail Room

Electronic mail room address: posta@mzp.cz
The electronic mail room is intended for mailing notifications under Government Regulation no. 495/2004 Coll.

Technical parameters for data messages:
Data messages are received in the following formats: doc, xls, html, htm, pdf, jpg, rtf.

Contact details for sending data media:
Mailing address: Ministerstvo životního prostředí, Vršovická 65, 100 10 Praha 10, Czech Republic
Mail room opening hours: 7am – 3.30pm
Admissible data media: 3,5” floppy disk, CD

Receipt confirmation rules for data messages:
The receipt of a data message is confirmed to the sender if the sender’s email address can be established from the data message. Each confirmation message contains:
- secure digital signature of an authorised Ministry employee;
- date and time of receipt of the data message;
- data message (document) identifier assigned by the electronic mail room.
If no confirmation of receipt is made, no message has been received.

Data message template:
Confirmation of receipt of a data message

Your data message was delivered to the Ministry of the Environment electronic mail room at posta@env.cz on DD/MM/YYYY at HH/MM/SS.

Document identifier:

Yours sincerely,
authorised employee’s full name

- secure digital signature of the authorised Ministry employee

Procedure when harmful code (as defined by Section 2, Paragraph 2 of Regulation no. 496/2004 Coll.) is detected in a received data message:
A data message in which harmful code is detected is not processed. If the sender’s e-mail address can be established from the data message, a notification of harmful code detection is sent to that address.

Enquiries concerning the operation of electronic mail room:
Please send your enquiries concerning the operation of electronic mail room to the e-mail address posta@mzp.cz or the Ministry mailing address.

Authorised employees of the electronic mail room:
Jana Křížová