Competency of the Environmental Damage Department

The Environmental Damage Department as a technical remediation supervisor of the contaminated sites, old environmental burdens and loads before the privatization is also responsible for the clean up within former Soviet Army military bases in the Czech Republic.

Close cooperation of the Environmental Damage Department, Department of Water Protection and the Czech Environmental Inspectorate in the field of remediation of long-term contaminated groundwater, pursuant to § 42, par. 4 of Act No. 254/2001 Coll. on Waters, is one of the key strategy tasks.

The Department is a member of the Interministerial Committee dealing with coal mining sites remediation.

Direct cooperation with the Regional Environmental Offices leads to the integrated approach towards the remediation using guidelines and the financial support from the Operational Programme Environment - priority axis 4, the area of action 4.2 - Rehabilitation of Old Ecological Burdens.

On the 17th of August 2008 new Act No. 167/2008 Coll. on prevention and remedying environmental damage came in force and the Department is responsible authority for both its transposition and implementation on the national level. In cooperation with the Legal Department of the Ministry of the Environment and the Czech Environmental Inspectorate (ČIŽP) a decree on the assessment of soil environmental liability procedures is being prepared.

One of the most important contaminated sites issues is the Implementation of the National Implementation Plan of the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

Among the competency of the Department is data transfer to the national database of the planning analytical materials.