16. Consistency with other measures financed by the community

16.1 Other pre-adhesion Instruments

16.1.1 Is this measure complementary to any programme, project, or other measure financed or to be financed by a pre-adhesion Instrument ?





If yes, give details:

16.2 Other

16.2.1 Please give details of relationship between the project and other measures undertaken with contributions from the Community budget, the EIB and the other financial instruments of the Community:


17. Monitoring

17.1 Specify the indicators to be used for monitoring the physical progress of the project:

  (a) Identify key indicators

  (b) Give estimated volume of work required for completing project


18. Arrangements for management, monitoring, control and evaluation

18.1 What arrangements are in place for the monitoring and financial control of the measure? (state who is responsible for project management, and describe systems of operational reporting and internal financial control)

18.2 Are there any special arrangements applying to this measure?





If yes, please explain:


19. Publicity

19.1 Give full details of publicity to be given to the measure and ISPA’s role in financing it:


         NAME and                     SIGNATURE: