The Ministry of the Environment will auction European emission allowances

The revenues of the sale will be used to support energy savings in public buildings within the Green Investment Scheme.

The 2nd trading period of the European Emission Trading Scheme (2nd phase of EU ETS) ends with 2012. Member states may not bank these allowances, or more precisely their 2nd phase allowances will not be replaced by 3rd phase allowances as it is in the case of companies. The Czech Republic is currently holding approximately 2 millions of unused European emission allowances (EUA) in its New Entrants Reserve (NER), which will not be used before the end of this year. Pursuant to National Allocation Plan of the Czech Republic 2008-2012, adopted by the Czech Government and approved by the European Commission, the Czech Republic has therefore decided to sell the unused emission allowances from the NER in an auction.

The Ministry of the Environment has appointed the European Energy Exchange seated in Leipzig, Germany (EEX), one of the leading European energy exchanges, to host the auction of unused allowances. These will be sold in two tranches: First million will be auctioned on 11 October 2012, the sale of the second tranche will follow in the first quarter of 2013.

Guidance for new bidders.

For more information please contact:

Matyáš Vitík

Spokesman of Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic

Mobile:+420 606 111 060