Study on transport trends from the environmental point of view in the Czech Republic 2008

The „Study on development of transportation from the environmental point of view for the year 2008“ gives an overall view on development of transportation within the Czech Republic. It has been processed in a form of indicators, which describe in a complex way a nationwide development of transportation. In the part of emissions from transportation is the nationwide level extended of indicators describing development on the regional level. Information are observed and processed yearly since the year 1998. Data are based on indicators for the years 1993, 1995 – 2008. Quoted data for the years 1993, 1995 – 2007 are final ones, data for the year 2008 are preliminary ones. The followed-up indicators are describing absolute values of transportation power outputs, length of traffic infrastructure, number of vehicles, consumption of fuels, energy and emission load, and also specific values related to an inhabitant and VAT unit, showing relationships of transportation to demographic and economic development of the Czech Republic. Among followed indicators can we find also indicators evaluating a Strategy of sustainable development of the Czech Republic, which has been the basic document for processing further materials of conceptual character (action plans of sector policy). Time series of individual indicators enable to evaluate their developmental trends. The Study is based on data from various sources – as e.g. Annual Abstract of Statistics of the Ministry of Transportation, databases IRTAD, OECD, ŘSD (Directorate of Roads and Highways), ČSÚ (Czech Bureau of Statistics), CPÚ, but also on internal calculations of the Center for Transportation Studies (CDV) (emissions and balances of individual types of transportation).